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At SIEM Interiors B.V. we have a showroom which provides you the opportunity to look at our bathroom and kitchen collection. SIEM Interiors sell sanitary ware, bathroom- and kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands and other bathroom and kitchen items. We provide a broad kitchen and sanitary ware collection of all price range and different design structures. At SIEM Interiors our clients can choose items we have in our showroom/stock as well from catalogues. This gives you a wide range of choices at SIEM Interiors.

We also have an interior designer on location who can advice on functional floor plans and styling for all spaces, in specific bathrooms and kitchen. When designing, we consider the functionality of the new space and all factors that will enhance the feel and look of the space. This implies lightening, use of the correct materials, color scheme, patterns and making good use of the view available. After all the most important elements when designing a space is making it feel comfortable for the users and definitely a delight for all the senses of the body. We aim to synchronize all the spaces together but still create a pleasant feeling of surprise when entering the new bathroom and/or kitchen.

You can always visit us at our showroom to see our collection of bathrooms and kitchens and if needed we can arrange a follow up appointment for a design and/or installation assignment. When in construction a plan of the architect can be used as focal point.

SIEM Interiors B.V.
Industriepark Brievengat B.I.2, Curaçao


SIEM Interiors is located on Curaçao.
Feel free to visit our showroom.

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